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How Does The Agile Manifesto Address Planning

What is Agile Manifesto planning and how does that planning work? Collaboration is the foundation of the Agile approach to product development. The well-planned Agile collaboration, which demands face-to-face contact between the product development team and product...

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What is a Scrum Team & Who is on the Scrum Team?

Agile Framework To understand the idea of the scrum team, you must first understand Agile. Agile is a philosophy for software development; agile because the system is designed to iterate quickly and iterate often, in order to respond to stakeholder needs. Scrum is an...

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Why Design Thinking is Important

Good product design emerges out of an applied iterative methodology aimed at meeting customers' needs. For example, a good start would be to ask How and why does the customer use a product or access a system? and under what conditions? To begin the design thinking...

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What is the difference between Mentor and Coach?

This webinar looks at the development goals of a coaching relationship and successful mentoring relationship alike both in the initial term and then the longer-term.  As a business mentor with years of experience in coaching sessions, Krishna Chodipilli takes viewers...

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Agile Methodology vs. Waterfall

With over 8462 project management methodologies, selecting the most appropriate one can be quite tricky. You need to select one that is suitable for your project and your project team. Development Methodology is basically a way of organizing the tasks involved...

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Using Fibonacci Series in Story Point Estimates

Many have asked why Fibonacci series is used for the story point estimates. Though I agree, it is not the only way to estimate based on relative sizing and many of them use different methods, this one is used frequently. In this article, I would like to shine your...

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What is an agile coach? Job description

WINNING THE HEART OF THE MATTER Whether guiding stakeholders, mentoring or training, from Kanban to Scrum and more, the Role of an Agile Coach lies in helping teams or individuals with their outcomes and therefore needs to be mastered and inculcated as a working habit...

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Agile Facilitation and The Techniques

Agile Facilitation Techniques You Need to Make Your Meetings Go with a Bang In the sphere of agile transformation and development, agile facilitation is a discipline in its category and the 'agile team facilitator’ has the job of making sure the conditions exist for a...

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What is Kanban Board?

Kanban board is one of the agile project management tools used by remote teams and in-office agile teams. Putting your tasks on the Kanban board and envisioning/visualizing the workflow helps teams better understand the procedures and obtain an overview of the...

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What is Kanban in Agile?

Kanban is a prevailing system used to execute DevOps and agile software development. It involves fully transparent working and real-time information of capacity. Kanban boards display work items to let the team members see the work they need to do whenever they want....

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How To Make Agile Transitions In A Company

“Thriving in today’s marketplace frequently depends on transforming to become more agile”- Scott M. Graffius Most organizations are thriving and surviving in the digital era by transitioning towards agile methodology from traditional methods. Adopting agile...

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How to Become Agile Certified?  

Agile is undoubtedly the need of the hour when conventional methods of project development are not good enough. In the IT industry, the demand for agile professionals has expanded drastically in many management areas. The extreme demand for agile...

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Preparing for Enterprise Agility

Organizations have one common goal, to deliver higher returns to shareholders. To achieve this, they need to keep up with evolving customer needs and preferences. They also need to satisfy changing employee expectations. In this case, an enterprise looking to scale up...

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