Leadership Tribe worked with Flydocs on how to improve its efficiency and project management to create better value out of it’s aircraft maintenance data.  From removing blockers early on and making workflow more visible across all departments and stakeholders, our agile approach helped time spent in development cycles improve by 2000%

Agile teams in the Aviation Industry

The agile engineering team had a lot of complex projects, long lead times and wanted to delivery better, faster products with good quality to customers.  With its cloud-based Flydocs records management platform, it knew that air travel management could be easier if development methods could be improved.

Leadership Tribe looked at exposure of cross skills so that the team members could benefit from each other’s skills, as well as better time management in the new way of working. With less impediments and seperation, the team was able to work on multiple sprints and use this to train the rest of the teams on Agile practices & Agile ways of working.

We also worked with new product owners for the future development projects – while working with the existing leads/scrum masters on Agile Leadership skills such as Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Facilitation.

Work included focusing on:

  • Communication and Change Plans
  • Transformation Support & Sprint Teams
  • SCRUM Training
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Product Backlog nurturing
  • Sprint Planning

Transforming the IT teams

Our work helped meet Flydocs client/customer needs by improving its use of resource, including testing and software development on various projects such as their Records Management software. Implementing the Agile Transition process included the following steps.

  • Evaluate the business mission / vision
  • Create a Business solution concept
  • Set up an adoption & implementation strategy
  • Transformation plan: Value stream mapping, product backlog, metric (measure current start, stories delivered and skills)
  • Pilot teams: communication and change training, transformation support, SCRUM training, roles & responsibilities
  • Sprint 0: Product backlog estimates, iterative release schedule and roadmap
  • Sprints: Product Backlog nurturing, Sprint Planning, Stand-ups, Sprint Retrospectives, Release Roadmap Updates, Showcase to PO and deliver to customer, Employee satisfaction

This plan helped speed up overall product development in real-time over the months ahead.

The results in numbers

  • 823% Cycle time improvement average across all sized projects
  • Average Cycle time reduced by 98 days
  • Technical skills improved by 27%
  • Reduced size of team involved in each story by 74%

Better Teams, Happy Clients

Our approach aims to bring your team the benefit of:

  • Improved team collaboration and accountability
  • Improved visibility of work: improving teamwork and commitment
  • Better time management, improved estimating process

Delivering faster and good quality products to the customers is part of what Leadership Tribe can offer to you.  We work with providers and companies in various markets from technology to finance, aerospace to insurance, banking and more.

How Leadership Tribe Can Help You

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